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Postgraduate Scholarships in Music (910,808,1086,875)


The main purpose of these Scholarships is to encourage and support excellent students undertaking study in Music, especially where this funding would make a significant contribution to their financial needs.

To apply for a scholarship, you must either be a current student of the University of Auckland, or have recently applied for admission to the University of Auckland. To apply for admission click

Applications for the scholarships below are combined in to this one online form. We strongly recommend that you read the regulations for the scholarships before you apply.

Ada Kathleen and Barbara Ellen Watson Scholarship
Taurus Charitable Trust Postgraduate Scholarships in Music
Veza Family Postgraduate Scholarship in Music
Beatrice Ratcliffe Postgraduate Scholarship in Music

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Begin Accepting Applications Date:
9 Dec 2021
Deadline Date (NZT Time Zone):
12 May 2022 11:59 PM