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Faculty of Arts Doctoral Scholarships (837) - 2016


To apply for a scholarship, you must either have recently applied for admission to the University of Auckland or be a current student. To apply for admission click here.

If you have a current, submitted Application for Admission and still experience difficulties gaining access to the scholarships application form please email us as soon as possible at

We strongly recommend that you read the regulations for this award before you apply. In addition please be aware that you will be asked for the names and contact details of a referee to support your application and you will need to have obtained their agreement before you nominate them.

PLEASE NOTE: Your browser will time out after 60 minutes so please save your data regularly. If you are writing text for one or more essay boxes (such as personal statements, or references etc) we recommend that you write the content in a Word document first and then cut and paste it into this application when you are ready.

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For questions about this application, please contact Scholarships Office at